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July 15th 2024

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Frequently Asked Question

1.When the online?

Our site online on November 3rd 2023.

2.Who can invest in 45xcrypto and what investment methods are used?

We accept deposit from investors all over the world. Investors only need a crypto wallet. We currently accept investments via BTC and USDT. We can also accept investments in other cryptocurrencies. You can consult us by email.

3.What is the 45xcrypto minimum investment and maximum investment, are there any other investment restrictions?

Our min deposit is 0.003 bitcoins and 100 USDT, Each investor is only allowed to invest once per week.

4.Why 45xcrypto don't accept deposit less than $100? Like $10, $20.

An investment of $100 is already the minimum investment amount. Investment is a serious matter. Investing $10 is not an investment, it is a game. A transfer of $10 in BTC may cost $5 or even higher fees, so we will not accept below 0.002 BTC and 100 USDT.

5.How to buy crypto with a credit card?

The process for buying crypto with a bank card is fairly straightforward: set up a crypto wallet, find an exchange that allows credit card, and buy the cryptocurrency you need for fiat money, EUR/USD or your local currency.

6.What areas are you invested in?

45x Crypto is a cryptocurrency investment company that contributes to the adoption, establishment and management of Decentralized Finance. sports betting,DeFi startups,dApps development,P2P trading,Yield Farming and NFT investment.


7.Why accept online investing if you can earn such high returns?

First of all, we have our own social responsibilities. We need to lead others to live a prosperous life. In addition, resources are limited, and we do not accept unlimited investments, so we only accept investment from members, and we have set up that investors can only invest once a week. So we started accepting online investments, and our website plans to close after two years of operation.

If you have any questions about using crypto wallets, please feel free to consult us or discuss with us on telegram.



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